Sweet Safari: My first time to try a dessert buffet

There’s something new in the city! A dessert buffet that I’ve never been to. I’ve been eyeing for it since I saw them on Facebook because they only have branches in Pampanga, so when they finally had their Tarlac branch, I invited my friend, Lybnoz, to meet there after long years of not seing each other.

It only costs Php 199, and you can indulge yourself to unlimited sweets, more on cakes but they also have other merienda foods like pasta, chips and more. But basically, it’s more on snacks. Kids whose heights are 3 ft below are FREE and above up to 4ft have to pay Php 100.

Watch what you can have with the price:


  • PLACE❤❤❤❤❤

I’m giving it a 5 because of the bright ambiance, enough space plus it’s kinda instagrammable which is very important to us #millineals. It’s clean and doesn’t have a smelly odor, at least.

  • FOOD ❤❤❤❤

I’m kinda disappointed because I set a high standards due to the pictures I see in there social medias. First food I picked was the nachos which I thought was a good one but it was just Mr. Chips, I was really dismayed. And the soft served ice cream was not available, viand and rice also. Fresh vegetables was so dry, almost everything are half consumed.

Good thing they have pastas, ergh! Savior! Haha At least they’ve got 3 types which are good enough to start before indulging to sweets. I would only give 3/5 for the food, but sticking to the restaurant’s brand which is more on desserts, I’ll give it a chance of 4 since they are heavily flooded with it.

The bad thing we did was spent our lunch there which I highly discouraged you to do so. Why? Learn from our mistake. First, it’s a dessert buffet. Expect a hyperglycemia effect or in tagalog, “mahihilo ka sa dami ng matamis na kinain mo” Hahahaha! So what I recommend is for you to eat your main dish before going there and save your last appetite for Sweet Safari. Second, never come in lunch or make it your main food course because you’ll be disappointed as we are. The best time to come there is as soon as it opens which is by 10am; you’ll get them freshly served. Third, if you’ll just want a snack or just hang out and chill, I guess that’s the nicest reason to come to Sweet Safari. And also, you get what you pay for. Affordability and convenience.

  • SERVICE ❤❤❤

This is a little bit about the food and service. So as we headed to get our food away from our table, we got a plate on our table with hotdog and nuggets as we come back. Obviously, it is for the kid which I’m sure he’ll like it, so that made me happy. But what I am not pleased of, is that they just drop the plate without any interaction to the client which is a BIG NO NO NO and another NO NO NO. Whenever you serve the client or whatever you give them, you should always have a good connection to them and I hope they would have to improve on that part.

All in all, we had a fair enough experience and unfortunately, their Tarlac branch is already closed but they still have their Pampanga’s branches and also they have new menu which I hope I could give it another try, maybe this time they’re better.


Visit their Facebook page here.

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