#Hairgoals2018: How to Change Hair Color (without going to salon)

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It’s #Summer2018 again! A bikini-ready body is not complete without a new hairstyle (just like Janine Gutierrez’s new look, I’m envious!). If you got resources (money and time) to fund your summer hair, then go to salon for a quick hassle-free fix. But if you don’t have enough, then this list will definitely help you achieve that #HairGoals2018!

 1.     Using mobile App

My favorite! Either you are afraid to dye your hair or colors are not allowed in your work or even at home (strict parents, LOL! Mine too) but you are dying to try that unicorn hair color, then this one is the perfect must-try for you!

Makeup Plus is a versatile mobile app in terms of beauty fix; from instant make up selfies, buying on-trend make up products to their unique feature of hair dye. You can totally change your hair color in a snap. It can also help you decide which hair color fits you before making it into reality. What’s the best part? It’s FREE!


AFTER (Using FROZEN filter)

2.     DIY Hair coloring

If you are experimental and willing to wait, DIY hair coloring is a choice you could make, plus it’s the cheapest. The only thing you have to consider here is that you must know the proper amount of mixture and the waiting time to achieve the color you want. It’s a little bit tricky but the result is fun! Just don’t forget to apply Keratin treatment afterwards especially if you’ll going to do bleaching because it dries hair.

This is actually what they do in salon. But of course with the word Do-it-yourself, you must learn the art of hair coloring and the right products to use for your hair to prevent damage. TIP: Don’t overdo bleaching, please.

Here’s a guide you could follow (Click Image)

3.     Ready to Use Hair Coloring

From L’oreal to Revlon, and Liese to Lolane, these are easy-to-access and ready-to-use hair dyes. They can be conveniently bought in drugstores and supermarkets just add extra penny compared to DIY hair coloring but everything is provided.

TIP: To achieve the color labeled in the packaging, you must bleach your hair first. (You could also follow how from #2) But if you are afraid to do so, then be satisfied with darker version (if you have dark hair).

Here’s my Lolane Hair Dye experience (Click Image)

4.     Using Wigs

This one is for the brave hearts! I never tried using wigs but I absolutely want to have a GO for this! I think it’s fun and sort of permanent (in terms of color because hair dying needs maintenance) among all. Advantages are: first, you don’t have to put whatever hair products in your hair that could damage it; second, you still can keep your original hair if you don’t want it to be touched or changed; and third, evenly-colored hair at your fingertips and variety of gorgeous hairs to choose from!

The new trend in wigs now is what they call “crochet hair” .  From the name itself, the technique is derived from crocheting the wig to your real hair by first, doing a cornrow braid. The cornrow braid or “crochet braids” will serve as the base where in the synthetic crochet hair wig will be attached using a crochet needle. It’s a brilliant idea, right? Because this one is more durable method. And the prices are reasonable.

In addition, it can take a fraction of the time to install crochet braid hair compared to actually braiding or twisting all of your hair in the same style.  There are tons of choices in styles, from pre-braided and twisted styles such as Box Braids, to wavy and curly styles like Deep Twist and Water Wave.  And with so much variety in colors, you’re bound to find that perfect shade for you.


Source: http://lackeyandwhitleyrealty.com

The most common crochet braid nowadays is the crochet senegalese twist because of its benefit.   According to Natural Hair Rules website, “Senegalese Twists, or “rope twists” are one of the many protective styles for Afro-textured hair. Wearing protective styles help promote healthy hair growth while protecting your own hair from damage that could result from the environment, over manipulation, heat styling and daily styling habits.”

Here are my top 3 favorites from Divatress that I want to try ^_____^

1. Isis Collection Senegalese Bundle Braids – Rope Twist

2. Sensationnel African Collection Braids – Sweet Wave 12

3. FreeTress Braids – 2x Braid 101 28″

I feel so much #GirlPower on those hairs!

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  1. I have a similar rules at my school. It has uniforms and I have to keep my hair up and only use black or navy colored hair bands and stuff. No accessories. If you have long hair you can play with smaller braids on top of slicked back hair. Like one braid crossing over like a head band, or the fish tail braid that is gathered up to look like a shell, or do some mini rose braids!! Those are some ideas you could try!!

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