Cafe Hopping (with BFFs Part 2): Coffee and Pine, Baguio City

And now for the second cafe (here’s the first cafe), the smell of COFFEE AND PINE for dinner. We arrived around 7pm and it was perfectly quite, even med students sitting right next to us studies there, we are the only one who’s ruining the silence, Haha! Peace!



  • PLACE❤❤❤❤

It was night time when we got there and I think I can’t fully appreciate the beauty of the place without the sunlight most especially the view from the balcony. There you’ll see what is Baguio City; mountains, clouds and of course, pine trees. But at night, it’s replaced by city lights. I guess it feels good if you’ll have your breakfast there? Hmmm ^_^.

The interior itself has an earthy concept; black and white with accents of green, brown, yellow, red and so we coordinated our OOTDs. The place is really good for people who wants to relax with “book and coffee” but the minus 1 for me, of course I’m a mother, is that the road leading/going there is risky. That night I was with my kid so I can’t just let him be carefree outside because it is already where the cars passes by.

  • SERVICE ❤❤❤❤❤

I like that they have that service bell. The funny thing is that, when it rang, a staff run fast but weird that nobody is calling. Not just once but thrice, hmmm. Funny or scary? Haha I guess it was just a technical thingy, but at least they respond fast. They are also approachable to our never-ending, Papicture po! hehe And even we are done eating, they just let us take pictures. Thanks! #AuraTime LOL!

  • FOOD❤❤❤❤❤

They have the BEST PESTO I had ever tasted, so far. Like I can eat another plate by  myself but there’s pizza waiting for us in the apartment so we can’t be that full, #piggytime! And the next thing that really stuck in my head is their “Coffee and Pine Signature – Coffee Base Frappe”. The pesto and the frappe costs Php 170 each and I highly recommend them. I just forgot the exact taste and even the names; which is which, of the rest of the foods that we ordered but they taste good also, but still that two things I mentioned, they’re greeaat!

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