Cafe Hopping (with BFFs Part 1): Pastel Cafe, Baguio City

Ela, Krisha and Me – We’ve known each other since the days of submitting urine and stool (gross start, right? HAHA well, #nursinglife) for medical exam as we enter first year college. Coincidence or whatever, we just found out we belong in one section so from then we became friends to bestfriends.

As we go through college years, we separated sections. Ela and Krisha sticked together while I became close with our other classmates but I’m so glad that even we parted ways somehow due to our different schedules, we are still friends. Our first year first semester class has that sibling-barkada feels that I’m so proud to treasure.

The last picture I had with them was on our graduation day (2013) but lost it =(. Anyways, fast forward to 2017, when we had the chance to be together again, we took advantage of our free time and decided to CAFE HOP!!!


  • Upon entrance
  • PLACE❤❤❤❤❤

The interior defines its name. Cute, colorful and playful plus instagrammable, haha! One thing I’m impressed with the place is the painted mural, not just a sticky wallpaper but it is hand-painted. That gave them a 5 for me. I’m only to give 4 because when we entered, I thought it would be bigger but the effort to make the place personalized is something to appreciate. Maybe they could put some more tables outside? Just suggesting. And also, not a big deal, but somehow I find the exposed water jag and other stuffs for food preparation disturbing. Another unsolicited advice would be, I hope they could have a separate space where to put all stuffs and not to expose them in public for that clean ambiance on their counter space. ^_^

  • SERVICE ❤❤❤❤

This is actually 4.5. The missing point is for “uniqueness”. There is nothing special about the service, like something that would separate them from the other cafes or restaurants I’ve been too. But the almost perfect score is due to their obvious cleanliness as you can see in the video  above, they wear hair nets, just enough time to wait for the foods and approachable to our Aura Time; “Papicture po“. Haha They even clear the counter for us to take picture in it. Thank you! Hehe

  • FOOD❤❤❤❤

So cute food presentation! The plates are artistic like you can even make them a display and the colorful breads, adorable ^_^. They’re yummy with that common taste you would expect from them but again, I’m looking for that…”Ang sarapppppp, supeeer” kind of feeling to give them a perfect 5. I recommend their freakshakes, by the way. Cold sweetness overload, #slurp.

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