DIY Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Millineal hairstyle: Short, blonde with bangs plus climate change. I need a haircut and a dye! With several searches on Google for a target, I want a cut like this …

..and a haircolor like this. Maybe, the bangs will come sooner or later.

This will cost me like Php 3,000 or maybe more if I’ll let a salon do all the job. But that kind of digit is not included in our budget (#familylife ) so I decided to just go for the haircut and I’ll do the rest. Do-it-yourself hair dye time!


  • Bleaching Powder

With these materials I bought in Divisoria, they only cost Php 280. See a big difference of just hundreds from thousands. But of course, you need effort for mixing,  applying and all that stuff to fill in the money you saved.


  1. Prepare the basic materials.  I just used what was available around because I’ll just throw them afterwards anyways. Bowl and spoon for mixing (empty plastic bottle and old plastic spoon), hair color applicator brush (bought it for only Php 60 at Pandayan bookshop, then gloves (can be just plastic bag, haha! Thrift at its finest), and old clothing as a cover for your body. Also, hair clips in dividing your hair.
  2. Mix the oxidizing milk developer and bleaching powder. According to the seller, I just have to mix 6 spoons of developer to 5 spoons of powder. But it was not enough so I doubled it, 11:10. He said that it is better to have more developer than the powder due to its coarse effect on hair. It is better to go enough and just add them when you need more rather than overdo it.
  3. Apply the mixture and wait for 30 minutes or more. The 11:10 ratio is the fair amount for my medium length hair, but if you have longer hair then double it again. I started applying from the bottom part of my head, roots to ends. You can do your own technique, whatever works for you. So for the first application,  the seller said I’m going to wait for 30 minutes but if you want stronger color, then make it 1 hour which I did. The first application resulted to a rusty color so I have to apply again to achieve a more bleach hair. It took me 3 applications before I achieved my desired blonde color.
  4. Rinse with Keratin hair spa. Every after application, rinse hair with tap water then condition it with hair spa that contains keratin and/or argan oil. Every after apply-wait-rinse method,  I let it settled in my hair for 1 day or more so the 3 applications took me a week before I went “ash”. Believe it or not, bleached hair are dry coarse hair at most but with the keratin hair spa, it was so soft like virgin hair. Swear! 2 spoons is enough, at least for my hair length.
  5. Apply the color cream. So after days of several bleaching, I needed a help to apply the color cream to make an evenly applied “ash blonde” color. Same process of #3 and #4. I only consumed 1 tube, by the way. Double or triple if you got longer hair.
  6. Result!!!WHAT CAN YOU SAY?








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