How did I plan my son’s 2nd birthday party?

Our children’s birthdays will always be a major event for us parents. The planning and preparation takes a lot of time and effort so you really need a helping hand as the manager on these kind of milestones, you know? “mommy duties-hashtag multitaskers”. And if you are a mother like me whose husband is away and with no nanny, then it is going to be a challenging one. “Happy stress”, it is what I call so here is a simple checklist to help you get through birthday  party planning even though you are by yourself.

  1. BIRTHDAY THEME AND VENUE. Of course, it all should start with a vision of how your child’s party will look like and everything follows. Looking for a place as one-stop-shop where the venue and food is already there is a big help. PLAN AHEAD! Two months is an average and reserve as early as you can. Since my husband is not with me to prepare for the whole thing, we just decided to book a party in Jollibee (indoor/in store). Just like when my son had his first birthday with Jollibee (outdoor-home), I wanted to have another character combined. That was Jolly-town theme and Disney Cars BUT, now it is NOT ALLOWED anymore.

I was really sad because I wanted something unique and Jollibee’s themes are so generic. They said I can only choose from their themes and they are no longer entertaining any other character combined with Jollibee.

The theme that I chose was FUN-tastic Factory and I just combined it with RED-WHITE-BLACK CHECKERED color.

***IMPORTANT reminders that I guess you should know when you want to book a party in Jollibee.

  1. You can book via Jollibee’s website but I highly recommend you book party straight to their stores because one store and different from the other and it’s better to discuss your whole plan in personal. Also, you have a form to fill up, like a contract or what they call “Party Booking Form”.
  2. They require downpayment of at least Php 3000 for reservation.
  3. You can settle the total payment after the party but you can also fully pay the initial total.
  4. Appearance of 1 mascot is already included in the fixed party fee which I paid for Php 1850 (may differ from their website or other branch).
  5. Php 500 is charged for every 30 minutes extension after the 2-hour party.
  6. You can bring cake from outside which I did but it will not be distributed during the party. In short, for display only.
  7. You can bring your own lootbag or giveaway but again, in generic form and no well-known character.

The important things to consider in choosing a place is somewhere near your house or just within your town so whenever there’s an emergency, it will be easy access. And also, make sure that it is also accessible for guests to come. Unless you prefer a bigger party with a bigger venue that would require a farther location, then make sure EVERYTHING IS WELL PLANNED AND PREPARED. Best, hire a party planner which needs extra extra penny. But if you are just in an average budget, then just be ORGANIZE.

  1. BIRTHDAY PICTORIAL. Start with a good outfit because this will serve as your invitation photo. And also, this will be a hardcopy of his memory growing up.

And of course, don’t forget a reliable and good photographer. Nowadays, it’s not that hard to find a nice photo studio but make sure it fits your budget  – affordable yet gives you stunning pictures.

We had his pictorial at Pose and Play in Tarlac City. They kinda expensive (php 500 + is already expensive to me, hehe) but you get what you pay for.

  1. PARTY FOOD. The main event, haha. Be honest, c’mon. LOL. If you’ll have a party at home, it takes a lot of effort and human resources just like what we did with his first birthday. We purchased Jollibee foods for the kids and “lutong bahay” dishes for the adults – really exhausting. With in-store parties, you can just choose mainly from their food packages like in Jollibe but you can make your own food combination as well. Easy peasy, like pinpointing what you want to eat and they’ll do the rest.

  1. PARTY FAVOR. The flavor of the show. The decorations, balloons, host, entertainer, prizes, games and giveaways; they should really have to make your party happy and alive. With Veon’s second birthday, I just made an effort to his giveaway and again, the rest is in Jollibee’s.

  1. BIRTHDAY CAKE. This is the “spotlight” together with the birthday celebrant because of the candle blowing. Of course, it should really go with the theme. We requested for a customized cake from Jelexie and this is what it looks like.

It’s simple but at least it’s unique and it goes with the checkered thing.

  1. GIVEAWAYS.Part of party favors but should leave a memory to visitors. Some prefer them to be displayed like figurines but what I like is something that is useful like tumblers on his first and mason jars on his second.

  1. BIRTHDAY OUTFIT. Your kid should stand out! So put on that best OOTD he could wear. But actually, today’s trend is not just about the celebrant’s but the #twinning of parents and children – #millineals!

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