Play and Learn with Veon: KIDZOOONA, UPTOWN MALL BGC


My son is at his hyper active stage which is toddler age. This is when he discovers and explores new objects and people, and develops greater independence. It is good to expose him to environment that promotes learning and positive behavior because he learns through imitation.

He can already recognize objects from vegetables to fruits, shapes and colors and many more. He can also recite names of the people around him; form simple sentences; even follow simple instructions and directions.

As parents, we must develop and enhance these skills. So I want him to enjoy his toddlerhood, letting him play until he drops but at the same time equipping him the knowledge that he will need not just in school but in his entire life.



Kidzooona is a Japanese-owned indoor playground by AEON Fantasy Group. They have 800 outlets in Asia in which 28 of it is in the Philippines. It is an educational and entertaining place where you can spend a quality time with your family. Kids from 1 to 10 years old can have fun and enjoy a wide variety of small to huge toys.

Their first branch opened in November 2014 in Robinsons Galleria mall in Ortigas, Quezon City while their branch in Uptown Mall BGC opened June 12, 2016. The entrance fee is Php 300 for 90 minutes which we availed and Php 4000 for 3 hours. For every child, a parent or guardian is free but an extra fee of Php 150 will be charge for an additional adult.


Since we don’t know the way going to BGC, we used Google Map to find the place. The travel time from Tarlac City to Manila is 4 hours. Include the traffic, we departed 5am and arrived at around 9:30 am. We still had 30 minutes before mall opens so what we did is to go up and eat snack in Chowking. The view on the topmost part of Uptown Mall will show you the beauty of Urban Life. They have mini Chapel there which I like the most.

Heading back to Kidzooona at 10am, we were unlucky to go back at 1:30pm since there will be a birthday party to be held (they accept group packages). I did not saw the announcement on their Facebook page before or on May 7 (our play date). Upon checking, they posted it May 8 but the event is May 7 which is very disappointing. Always post announcements ahead of time, don’t they know that? So that customers would know what to expect and to manage their time.

Anyways, we just proceed to our other agendas. Going back at 2pm, I filled up a form, put our stuffs on the locker provided and started the play time!


  • Wearing socks is required (both child and adult). If you don’t have one, each pair of socks costs Php 30.
  • A locker is provided for each child. Put your shoes or other things inside (don’t bring too many things). But if your other stuffs don’t fit, then you can put them at the top of the locker. Make sure you bring with you your personal belongings like mobile phones and money.
  • Bring water so that your child can drink it after he plays to refresh his body and replenish energy loss. Always let him drink water first and if he insists other beverage like soda or juice, let him drink it after water. Water is still the best thirst quencher. Or for preschoolers, Gatorade is also good.
  • Also bring extra clothes from towel, shirt, and short to socks. You will expect sweat and also unexpected dirt encounter (although the place is really clean). Always bring extra for everything.
  • SAFETY FIRST. Although the place is child-friendly, you still have to be vigilant and alert. Always keep an eye on your child. Play with your child like his age. It brings children and parents closer.


  1. Parent/Guardian Lounge

  2. Huge Foam Building Blocks and Sticks

  3. Role Play Town (Pretend Play Stalls)

  4. Ball Pit with different climb, jump and slide obstacles

  5. Small Building Blocks and Other Small Toys

  6. Cyber Wheel


  1. Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  2. Socialization
  3. Communication
  4. Good Manners and Right Conduct
  5. Closer bond with parents


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