Cheap Hair Dye: Lolane Z-Cool Milk Color Y1 (Earl Grey Milk Tea)

I always wanted to change my hair color into blonde or near-to-blonde colors. I am bored with just a black hair; colored hairs are fun and  unique, #millineal. Way back when I was in my nursing college years, we are not allowed to dye our hair from the time we started OJTs. This is because we have to look as simple as possible to avoid getting attention from patients but now that I got the chance to do what I want with my hair, I looked for something cheap and easy way to color my hair.

So before I say ba-bye to my long hair, here’s my part on trying out a cheap drugstore hair dye for only Php 299. If you would go in a salon, it will cost you like 500 or even more.

Items inside the kit and to prepare.

Make sure to follow the precautions.

APPLICATION PROCESS (Experienced-base)

Step 1: According to the instruction, wear the gloves first, but I suggest you mix the solution first. Wearing gloves caused me limited movements hence, squeezing and mixing the solution is difficult. So what I did is I squeezed the color cream (pink) into the Hydrogen Peroxide (white) bottle then did step 2 and 3 before putting the gloves.

Step 2: Once you put everything inside the bottle, you can now shake it well 30 to 60 times. (Shake it as shown in the video).

Note: Before applying, make an allergy test.

Step 3: Portion your hair according to your desired number and hair length. (Example:  Part it to left and right then separate to three each sides) You can start from your nape area up to the top of your head (which I did) or vice versa.

Step 4: This time, you can wear the gloves. Squeeze the mixed color from the fine-tip bottle on your hair. Use your finger to spread the solution thoroughly. Leave it for 30 to 40  minutes but if you want stronger color, you can leave it more than that. Mine is for 1 hour.

Step 5. Now, rinse it with water then with Keratin Repair Mask.

It was not yet visible right after I applied but on the next morning, it looked like this.




  1. Smells like milk, better scent than other hair dyes.
  2. Cheaper (Php299) than other brands like L’Oreal which is Php399.
  3. Cute packaging and easy to use.
  4. Nice color. You can achieve the color in the picture if you’ll  leave the solution on your hair for 30 minutes or more, or apply another set of solution.


  1. It still has the ammonia scent.
  2. 1 box is not enough for long hair. I suggest 2 for medium hair and 3 for long hair like mine and more if you want stronger color.
  3. Hair color is not really obvious unless the sunlight strikes your hair.

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