#FlashbackFriday: My Son’s First Birthday Photo Album For Just Php20

Mothers are the best photographers, I mean, best in keeping memories through photographs. But either way, we are multitaskers. And as master shoppers too, we find the cheapest deals in town.  This means buying stuffs with quality over quantity promos and discounts.

With my son’s first birthday party photos, I just want to keep things organized, not spending too much but not sacrificing the quality. What I did to have that was I paid a professional photographer to take the photos but gave me the soft copies then I take it from there. Paying the hard copies with the photographer would took me more money so seeing Photobook and Metrodeal before the party was a blessing; a deal of Php 20 ONLY instead of Php 1200. Well, it pretty much turned well. Here’s how.


Step 1. Go to Metrodeal website and search this deal.

Step 2. Then, hit the “BUY NOW” button. Make an account or just log in if you already have.

Step 3. Place your order and choose your payment method.

Step 4. Check out and take note your voucher code (very important). Download  your voucher because all details are there. Print if necessary.


Step 1. The link to activate your voucher code is in your Voucher Receipt from Metrodeal. Make an account and just follow the instructions.

Step 2. Hit the “make a book now” on the homepage. Make sure that what you bought matches what you are going to make or else you will pay the regular price.
you can choose among the three: 1. Design offline;2. start from blank pages; and 3. ready-made templates (easiest).

Step 3. Choose your design.

STEP 4. Then start designing! This is how it looks. ready-made templates saves time, you just upload your photos on the left side and incoporate them on the album.
if you want to add or change the design per page, you can do that by using the tools on the top.

I finished the photo album for 2 nights. Good advice to take is that put all the photos on a folder and number it according to its sequence for easy uploading and designing.

If you can’t finish it in a day or two, you can just leave it. Just make sure you save what you’ve done and don’t forget to accomplish it before your voucher expires.

Step 5. Once done, hit the “order” button on the upper right corner to check out.

STEP 6. MAke sure you double check your address because it will come all the way from malaysia. Shipping rates will depend on what project you bought.

step 7. apply your voucher code on payment step. make sure you entered it correctly. You can see your activate voucher codes on your account (click My account – upper right > my voucher)
Step 8. confirm order then wait for a receipt with the shipping details on your e-mail. Mine took 7 days and here it is.

I love it. It’s simple, organized and magazine-like. High quality with a very affordable price.

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