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Disclosure: Items are received FREE but I give my 100% objective and honest review.

Second FREE items! #perksofablogger (Check my first here)

Lazada is one of the well-known online shops here in the Philippines. It became my go-to shop when I became a mother. A convenient way of shopping for a stay-at-home-mom like me. And it continues to open door to new business owners who wants to market their products to many more customers because a lot of people prefer online shopping better than the traditional one.


To be a shopper and a blogger for Lazada is like having the best of both worlds. These products that they gave me for review is pretty new to me. And I’m happy to see the prices are affordable.

You can even enjoy an instant Php 100 discount when you use voucher LZD100OFF from They have other 6 codes to use when you shop at Lazada PH. Some of them can also give you price reductions or a chance to win flight tickets. Sounds good, right?

Now, let’s proceed to product reviews.

1. Christian Gautier Feminine Eau De Parfum for Women 80ml 

💔 Unattractive packaging

❤ Smells like well-known luxurious perfume

❤ Stays long on clothes

❤ Sweet feminine scent

2. Milea Propolis Throat Spray

❤ Tastes minty

❤ Soothes and partially relieves throat due to cough (My mom used it when he had cough)

❤ Can be used limitless unlike antibiotic that has side effects when used beyond prescribed date

3. Milea Mineral Mattifier Powder Finisher 4g

💔 Ordinary-looking container

💔 Too white if not controlled upon application

❤ Fine powder that sets make up to matte finish

❤ Made my skin smooth

4. Milea Peppermint  Lip Balm 5g

❤ Smells and taste like lana (coconut oil)

❤ Saved my lips from cracking when I used a fake lipstick

5. Milea Sassy Lip Creme (Burgundy and Barely Pink)

💔 Too fragile and leaves particles when applied too much

💔 Hardly goes back when turned up too much (you have to push it back)

💔 Ordinary-looking container

💔 Fades easily, pigmentation is pretty good but doesn’t last for long hours

❤ Like a tinted lip balm,  smooth on application and even how it looks on the lips

❤ Can be used as blusher too

❤ Slides easily

❤ Good for go-to / 5 minute make up

❤ Perfect for teens

Here’s how it looks like on actual application. Good for simple/ no make up look.

More info about Milea and their Honey Farm. Visit them here.

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