First Time Shopping at Sample Room

Nobody rejects FREE products! Of course, except for bad ones. But you can never go wrong on this online shop where all (I mean, almost) things are F.R.E.E. Yasss! Why almost? Well, keep reading until end.


I discovered Sample Room through many bloggers and Youtubers. The uniqueness of this shop will allure you to give it a try. Yes, it is a shop where you got to buy free products using points. Instead of cash, you are shopping using points. For example, I bought Palmolive Shampoo and Conditioner (set) which is equivalent to 70 points, and Himawari Shampoo and Conditioner (sachets) which is equivalent to 30 points.

Upon successful registration or simply making an account, you’ll be credited 100 points which you can use to exchange or buy products.

Just click the Log In/ Register button on the upper right corner and it will look like this. Here are the screenshots as your guide on signing up.

Just message me and I’ll be sending you an ivitation to be a Sample Roomate ^_^ Just click here.

Dear Beauté Himawari by Kracie Oil in Shampoo & Conditioner (Volume & Repair)


Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Reviewing the product after trying it for at least 5 days is important because it helps other Roomates to decide if the product is worth it to try and on the other hand, get back the points plus 1 point each for rating and reviewing to shop again.

Dear Beauté Himawari by Kracie Oil in Shampoo & Conditioner (Volume & Repair) REVIEW

Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner REVIEW

Successful review takes within a day or two to be approved. After that, you’ll get back the points you used with 1 point for rating and another 1 point for reviewing. In my case, I got a total of 104 points now.


Order Time: July 14, 2016

Shipping Date: Same as above

Item received: July 20, 2016 (7 days from delivery)

As I initially mentioned that it’s”almost free”, this is due to shipping fee. The products are free but not how you’ll  going to received them. But if you are going to calculate the regular price of each product with your fare buying them on groceries, well, it’s pretty much cheaper most especially when selected products are in full sizes. #sulit. Hehe




If you enjoyed shopping at Sample Room but felt bitin, then you can buy points and be a VIP member. Another reason for that “almost free”. 1,000 points = PHP 649

Enjoy getting FREE PRODUCTS Roomates!

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