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I started loving online shopping when I became a mother. Lots of benefits to offer from no fare going to malls, relax feet, easy to find what you need and free shipping for some stores. Convenience it is without even living your child or carrying your baby while shopping.

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Time changes so fast that innovations and improvements has also the reciprocation of threats and harms. So as a first time mommies, what we always want is the best for our babies. Protecting them from these negative changes especially for their health, we look for organics and natural products to use.

Safe and gentle – keywords we use to search for things to give to our little ones that lead me to this brand. Taking advantage of the goodness their products have, I purchased some of their best sellers.


1. Tiny Fangs Kiddie Tooth Gel Stage 2


They say:

A Flouride-free tooth gel that comes in fun, fruity flavors to help prepare little ones for adult toothpastes! It helps prevent tooth decays and promote healthy gums. Made with xylitol to help protect teeth from cavities and bacteria. Trusted by pediatricians and dentists to build good oral habit.

  • tutti-fruitti flavor
  • 6 months – 3 years old
  • low mint and low bubbles
I say:

Of course I started with the Tiny Fangs Kiddie Tooth Gel Stage 1 (product 4a.). I did not gave this one until he learned how to spit. Then when I introduced this one to him, he treats his toothbrush as a lollipop! Haha But I have to keep teaching that toothpastes are not to be swallowed. Does what it says but on the cleaning part, you still need to use wet towel to remove stains well.

2.  After Bites

They say:

A non-mentholated, non-greasy soothing gel carefully formulated with natural ingredients. Specially formulated to instantly soothe itchiness and redness from insect bites. It is free from Paraben, Petroleum, & Artificial Colors. Suitable for use on kids and babies with soft, sensitive skin. Safe to apply on other minor skin irritations like cuts and bruises too. Trusted by Pediatricians.

I say:

One of my faves!  Although I have to be honest, it smells really awful but the effect defeats it. Whenever my son has insect bites, the itchiness goes away for seconds that’s why I bought 2 of this!

3. Natural Hand Sanitizer Starfish – Sweet Orange



Tiny Buds Natural Hand Sanitizers are made from Fruit Alcohol. They effectively remove bacteria while being non-drying on skin. Sweet and fruity scents are mild on baby’s delicate nose. ( Other scents are Pear Jellyfish and Tutti Frutti Crab)

  • non-sticky pocket-sized formula
  • baby’s clean hands are safe to put into mouth after use
  • can be used to clean toys and surfaces before playtime or feeding time

It smells really good and I’m confident to use it before and even after meals since it is food-safe. I even use it too.

4. Sampler Kit

4a. Tiny Fangs Kiddie Tooth Gel Stage 1


Delicious flouride-free toothgel that kids will love! 100% Food Safe in case swallowed by baby. Made with xylitol to help protect teeth from cavities and bacteria. Trusted by pediatricians and dentists to build good oral habit

  • strawberry-banana flavor
  • for 4 months – 2 years old
  • no mint, no bubbles
  • Safe to swallow, no rinsing needed
  • Sugar Free

Perfect partner when I started training my baby for toothbrushing. It tastes good and no worries if he swallows it since it is also food-safe. He loved his toothbrush, haha.

4b. Rice Baby Powder


A premium quality baby powder made from 100% real rice grains. This biodegradable and hypoallergenic baby powder is completely free from harmful talc and other chemicals. It repels water which allows sweat to evaporate naturally and it is also rich in
protein and amino acids. This makes Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder perfectly unique in keeping baby’s skin healthy, fresh, moisturized and dry from perspiration. Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder is internationally awarded and trusted by Pediatricians.


I was quite impressed with this baby powder. It is really fine, every powder dust is absorbed and it smells really good. The only thing is that it will cost you more compared to othe baby powder but if you got extra bucks, then it will be worth your money.

4c. Laundry Powder for Babies


It is made from natural cleaning agents that keep baby’s clothes free from harsh chemicals. Trusted by Pediatricians.

  • Safe for Cloth Diapers
  • Machine & Hand-Wash Safe
  • Color Safe Formula
  • Recommended for babies & family members with sensitive skin
  • Keeps mommy’s hands soft too!

From the rice powder then this one, can’t help to smell the powder itself. It really smells like a sweet garden, perfect for baby clothes. But just like the above product, extra money needed.

4d. Liquid Laundry Wash for Babies


It is lovingly made with Natural Cleaning Agents that are biodegradable and leave no chemical residues. Safe to use on baby’s laundry without irritating delicate skin. It is also recommended to wash the clothes of kids and family members with sensitive skin too!


Compared to the powder, this one is less fragrant. I’d prefer the powder but it still smells good plus it bubbles really well.


4e. Fabric Softener for Babies


Lovingly made with plant-based softeners that leave baby’s clothes, sheets and laundry Soft and Fluffy to the touch.

Soft & Fluffy to the Touch – Mild & Calming Fragrance


With the laundry powder alone, my son’s clothes already smelled good and if you use this one with the detergents, it will boost the scent plus the softness of the fabric.

4f. Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash


A natural cleaner that easily washes leftover milk and food from baby’s bottles, utensils & breastfeeding accessories without using harsh chemical cleansers. Our special food-safe formula is completely water-soluble and leaves no foul odors.


Love at first use. This is the first product  I used from Tiny Buds. It is really safe and it cleans just enough for baby utensils. Another good thing is that I can also use it to wash his teethers and my breast pump.

On the shopping part, (straight forward) I don’t recommend shopping on their online shop. Maybe they changed now. But the time when I purchased these products, I was disappointed. Here’s the details:

Date ordered: July 5, 2016

Order paid: July 7, 2016

No payment confirmation so I messaged them  on their FB page on July 9, 2016 and I’m glad they are responsive. They replied they’ll going to process my order on July 11 (Monday) because they are unable to serve orders over the weekend. But I paid Thursday(July 7) which is weekday and the day after it is still weekday.

Still waiting for the payment confirmation, I messaged them on the promised date tru email and facebook. No reply on email but they replied on facebook the day after; July 12 (Tuesday). They replied they have delivered the items and expect it within 5 business days for Metro Manila and 10 business days for outside Metro Manila.

Item received: July 14, 2016 (4 days from delivery which is July 11)

Payment confirmation sent tru email: July 15, 2016

I’m fine with waiting process but the lack of automatic information they should provide to buyers is something very important to me especially shopping online. If you will not tap or remind them, nothing will happen or it causes delay.

I’d prefer shopping products on Lazada or SM Department Store but unfortunately, they offer limited products. For example; in Lazada, they are in bundles.


If you want to save or stock up, then this one will be very convenient to you since they are discounted and offers Free Shipping for minimum purchase of 1000, plus it’s faster than Tiny Buds online shop.

In SM Departmant Store, you can buy them on time but they don’t have the Tooth Gels and other laundry products, just chosen products.

Nevertheless, their products are fairly good to patronize.


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