Nutri10 Plus: Your Best Partner for a Growing Toddler

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The first vitamin supplement that was prescribed for my son when he started eating solids was PediaFortan which is an appetite stimulant. Growing up and learning to walk, next was Nutrilin as his multivitamin supplement. When he reached toddlerhood, his pedia changed it to Ferlin for this age is more on playing than eating. Ferlin has higher iron concentration to prevent him from Iron Deficiency Anemia and most especially,  iron is an essential component to produce blood.

My son has exemplary height compared to other toddlers of his age. His height as of the moment is already 100 cm which is higher than typical (87.63 cm) and we wish that he could maintain it as he grows up. So I asked his pedia if I could transition to a height booster supplement after Ferlin and she allowed me to.

Luckily as a coincidence, Wert Philippines sent me Nutri10. It was my first ever encounter with the brand and their products. I am really happy that it has all the components that I need starting from Chlorella Growth Factor which is a height booster and Vitamin C as immunity booster since recently, my son just had cold and cough and a lot more.

IS vitamin supplement really a need?

If you are sure that your child is getting a healthy and balanced diet everyday, then he may not need it. However, it is hard to give and calculate all vitamins and minerals in a single meal. To give  your child a ready-to-swallow minerals or vitamins is a convenience and an insurance of his health and growth.


After breakfast. There are other best times to take different supplements but with multivitamins such as B complex, Vitamin C and E, they are like fuels for your body so as you start the day, you need to load up and with your breakfast, less chances of stomach upset.



CLICK image to calculate your child’s BMI and know more about BMI.


BMI or Body Mass Index is basically an assessment tool to tell if a person is underweight, overweight, obese or within normal or healthy weight-height proportion. It simply evaluates if a person’s weight is proportionate to his or her height.

My child’s BMI is interpreted as OBESE! I am really shocked with these information for all I know is that he looks fine since his height matches his weight “aesthetically”. See him in below  image. Does he even look obese? Haha

The girl in the image is his older cousin. You can clearly see their height difference. He is really a “tall toddler”. Recalling the foods he has been eating lately,  he loves white rice but less veggies which is very worrisome. But with Nutri10, I’m partially relieved. Why partially? Half is for the trust I gave to Nutri10 and the half is for me as a mother to be more creative in giving him well-balanced diet. A healthy child must be a combination of parent’s effort and world’s innovative products.


Sources: Unilab for Growee, Mims for Cherifer

I can’t help but compare possible products to buy with same purposes. We all do this as moms, right? The table above would be a big help for you to choose which is the best.

Nutri10 vs Growee

Although they have close to similar contents, the amounts in Nutri10 are higher. Also,  Growee doesn’t have Vitamin C and Zinc.

Nutri10 vs Cherifer

This one is somewhat a close competitor in CGF and major vitamins but obviously, doesn’t have as much vitamins and minerals as Nutri10 have.

Be the one to decide which brand you’ll get but it is apparent that Nutri10 is like all-in-one multivitamin supplement.


Toddlers are picky eaters by nature so giving them food to eat even they look good or healthy is a hard process. Also, they have “food neophobia” so when I let him take the supplement,  he refused it immediately maybe because of two things: one; it’s new to him or two, it looks like the medicine he drinks whenever he’s sick that taste bitter so he is afraid to give it even a try.

The technique? I mixed it with the juice he is drinking since it is also in Ponkan Flavor, he didn’t notice that he already drank the syrup. Now, it is already his 7th day drinking it. Actually, I tried it and it tastes good but tods will be tods, picky and choosy.

I’m just happy that he can enjoy the 9P benefits he can get from Nutri10.

  1. Pampatangkad – CGF
  2. Pampatalino – TAURINE
  3. Pampalakas ng immune system  – VITAMIN C
  4. Pampatibayng buto at ngipin – VITAMIN D
  5. Pampataas ng energy level – VITAMIN B COMPLEX
  6. Pampalakas ng katawan – ZINC
  7. Pamganang kumain – LYSINE
  8. Pampalinaw ng mata – VITAMIN A
  9. Pampakinis ng balat – VITAMIN E


Help promote overall immunity, maximize physical growth & enhance brain development.
1-9 yr 2.5 mL (½ tsp)
10-12 yr 5 mL (1 tsp)
May be taken with or without food: May be taken w/ meals for better absorption or if GI discomfort occurs.
Where to buy?

Nutri 10 plus and Dayzinc are available at Mercury Drugstores nationwide.
Price per bottle are as follows:

Nutri 10
  •  Drops 30ml – 125 pesos
  • 120ml syrup – 180 pesos
  • 250ml syrup – 310 pesos

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