Dodolashes: Cheap Mink Lashes + Discount Code

Disclosure: Items are received FREE but I give my 100% objective and honest review.

First free item I ever received as a blogger! Haha There will always be first time for everything and I’m like an ignorant kid who just received a piece of candy . Forgive me for this innocence but without further ado, let’s get started reviewing the item.

I never knew that there are different kinds of fake lashes until I encountered this one. This kind of lashes came from an animal called mink where the name is derived from. At first, mink’s glossy and shiny furs are used to make luxurious fashion garments then eventually discovered to make fake eyelashes because they look more natural human’s hair than the synthetic one.

Mink lashes are now harvested by gently brushing the mink’s hair to save manufacturers from rage of animal advocates. Make sure that if you buy a product that commonly involves animal flesh and parts for production, look for that “cruelty-free” label. And I’m happy to say Dodolashes has this.

Thumbs down:

  • No prepacked eyelashes glue which I find very inconvenient since I’m not a make up hoarder.

Thumbs up:

  • Soft and  looks natural on the eyes.
  • The container is a hard plastic which perfectly protects the lashes from being worn out.
  • Shipping will took 2 – 7 days depending on your area which is fast already for an international shipping.
  • Cheaper compared to other Mink Lashes

If you are an Asian, we probably share same problem; “Chinita Problems”! Haha You will see how I look terrible without fake lashes.

And here’s my final look! (Apologies for my lack of make up skills. I’ll improve…maybe next time. LOL!)

If you have further questions, you can read their FAQs here or reach out to them here. 

Also, you are entitled to 10% discount! YEY! Just use the discount code pinkkittymom upon check out. Go pop those eyes now!

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