TeGreen 97 ~ The Best Green Tea in the Market

I’ve been into a little research this past few days about this product that I’ve used and will share my very own experience using it since my last post about weight loss on Garciania Cambogia.

This one is quite thorough since this product is said to be the “Magic Capsule” which could really help a lot of people with their health in many aspects.

More than your fingers could ever count, Green tea also known as Camellia Sinensis  has so many health benefits that could offer to man since it was discovered thousands years ago from its country origin, China which mainly spread through Asia and gradually, all over the world.

Personally, I am a GREEN TEA FANATIC but not ADDICT. LOL! This is due to preparation before drinking it. Although you can buy instant beverages in the market, of course, staying at home and requiring cups and cups of it everyday  would give you the choice of hot-water-green-tea-bag-drip-it-process.

Also, I love eating healthy foods even though they don’t taste good which you can say a lot of them shares same feature and tea is one of which. I mean, let us be honest, green tea is bitter but thankfully of years passed by, the taste improved and so with other healthy foods. And the best part, they are placed into CAPSULES for convenience.

Aside from my child, losing weight after giving birth is one of my desperations right now. I know, its been a year since then but I’m still in the process. For others especially celebrities, this struggle is such a piece of cake (not the exercise part but the money and time) because they have their nannies with them to look after their child and go to gym, buy a program for weight loss and so much more options they can afford. As to me, I’m a full time stay at home mom and worst, my husband is away from us and I have NO NANNY.

So who wouldn’t want a convenient way to lose weight, right?

Garcinia helped me a lot but purchasing it abroad is hassle. That is why of all my internet researches, I found this NEW (to me) form of green tea. Everyone is used to its traditional form that I mentioned a while ago but this one is actually all over the place of  GREEN TEA TREND.

What is Tegreen 97?


QUANTITY: 30 and 120 capsules per bottle

PRICE: 30 caps = Php 2000

120 caps = Php 6000


Tegreen 97 provides a highly concentrated, proprietary extract of green tea catechins to help protect your body at the cellular level.

Modern science has identified powerful antioxidants in green tea called polyphenols. One group of polyphenols called catechins is particularly potent and is highly effective at neutralizing free radicals at the cellular level. Catechins support healthy cell function while providing a providing antioxidant protection to critical cell structures such as DNA.


Basically, it is a green tea in a capsule.

What is  the “97” in Tegreen 97?

Tegreen 97® is one of the most potent antioxidant supplements on the market with a 97% polyphenol content, 65% catechins. Each Tegreen 97® capsule contains the catechin equivalent of approximately seven cups of green tea and is 99.5 percent caffeine free.


See that? It is the percentage of polyphenol and also the percentage of catechins is stated above.

What is really the meaning of antioxidant and a lot of people are so into it?

any of various substances (as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and alpha-tocopherol) that inhibit oxidation or reactions promoted by oxygen and peroxides and that include many held to protect the living body from the deleterious effects of free radicals
~Merriam Webster
Antioxidants may possibly reduce the risks of cancer. Antioxidants clearly slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration.

Tegreen’s main purpose is for cell protection due to its antioxidant property but MY PURPOSE on trying this product is because of its another benefit that is widely loved by figure-conscious women.

Additionally, catechins have been demonstrated to cause a thermogenic effect that enhances the body s metabolic rate.


Pharmanex (the company behind the production of Tegreen 97) conducted a study to prove this and was presented in American Heart Association’s 6th Annual Conference on year 2005.

What is the purpose of the study?

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of Tegreen 97® in enhancing insulin sensitivity and improving glucose-lipid metabolism. In addition, the research examined the effects of the proprietary green tea supplement in lowering body weight and weight of abdominal fat and inhibiting angiogenesis, which is the formation and differentiation of blood vessels, a key pathological process in the development of abnormal cells. Angiogenesis is hypothesized to play an important role in being overweight.


And what is the result?

An experimental study found that Pharmanex® Tegreen 97® may help blood sugar control and body fat burning properties.

The results of this study are very meaningful in building a greater body of knowledge related to two significant health issues today: weight gain and lack of blood sugar control.

~Dr. Joe Chang, President of Pharmanex.

We have shown with this and other studies that Tegreen 97 can have a significant beneficial effect in managing these two health conditions.

~Dr. Josh Zhu,  senior director of clinical R&D for Pharmanex; Chief Researcher

And numerous studies where Tegreen97 was used can be read here.

So, this is not JUST A GREEN TEA that I just wanted to take and I never expected it has these proofs.

And now, here is


My DIET was VERY SIMPLE. As you can see in the photo, my main meal was FITNESSE cereal with the STAR of the show; Tegreen.

And the following…

  • I ate MAINLY 3 times a day with cereal using non-fat milk. But with SMALL FREQUENT MEALS whenever I feel hungry.
  • Snacks were fruits, instant foods like baked mac, pasta, etc.
  • Lemon water as my thirst quencher.
  • I still ate viands, but JUST VIANDS. Again, NO RICE.


  • I did NOT EXERCISE. The exercise that I considered was playing with Veon (basketball, chasing, carrying a 17-kg tod). Yes, THAT IS IT. LOL!

Take note that my last weight from garcinia was 63 kgs. I lost 2 kgs in 2 months.

So, how many capsules did you take a day?

With this usage on the back label,

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) to four (4) capsules daily; preferably one (1) to two (2) each morning and evening with food. Maximum recommended serving of four (4) capsules daily (1,000 mg). Do not exceed 1,200 mg green tea in combination with other green tea containing supplements. Store in a cool dry place.

I only took 2 capsules a day as the least quantity to see if it will still have an effect even at its lowest.

Any result?

Yes! For a weight loss challenge with NO EXERCISE to still lose weight is an ACHIVEMENT.

I lost 2 kilos in just 2 weeks / 14 days compared to my last which is for 2 months. From 63 kilos to 61 kilos!

Also, I noticed a good difference in my metabolism. I pooped once to twice a day. That is regular and a good sign of metabolism which helps in losing weight.

As mentioned in by Kimberly Synder, a nutritionist and a New York Times best-selling author, that “You should go at least once a day, though twice a day is ideal.”

If you want to lose weight more than I did, remember this…

I am happy with my results and I can say…

I highly recommend Tegreen 97 not just for women but also for men.

Last thing, least to my knowledge that Pharmanex Tegreen 97 can actually enhance the appearance of skin. Just on the year 2010, they again conducted a clinical study for 2 years gaining a conclusion of …

Tegreen 97®—the super antioxidant product from Pharmanex—can be a champion for your skin. Polyphenol antioxidants in Tegreen 97®, topically applied or taken as a supplement, can help defend your skin against free radical damage and ultraviolet rays. Additionally, it helps to promote healthy collagen and elastin integrity. Adding Tegreen 97® to your skin care regimen may lessen the effects of age-related skin damage.





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