Jollibee Mini Managers Convention 2016

Wave to all the moms out there whose kids loves Jollibee!

Before the month of May ends, I just want to share my experience during the Jollibee Mini Managers Convention last May 28, Saturday at SM City Tarlac.

3 days before the event, one of the crews in Jollibee Camiling Branch approached me while we  (with Veon~my tod^_^) were having our lunch and offered me to buy a ticket for the aforementioned event. It was effortless for her making sales talk to me because I just bought it right away for my kiddo.

What I expected in the event was that it would be like a workshop with tables surrounded and the center stage or hosts are at the center but when we got there by 10:30am (event started at 9am) it was this…

A research about and before an event is one of the realizations I could remind myself because the night before it, I was really tired, slept and just took it for granted. It was really crowded. It was just me and my tod so the situation definitely challenged me. And c’mon Tala, it’s a convention.

I strongly advise that if you are going to a crowded event, best not to bring kids at least under 2 years old and if you really like to attend, bring someone with you to accompany you. Stay away from the crowd or find a place that you can still breathe and move. This is very important.

Anyway, going back to our arrival and after registering, we were given a meal composed of 2 for mom and child~1 piece chicken with rice and 1 piece burger patty with rice and 2 zesto tetra pack juices (maybe they ran out of soda) as a complimentary food of the ticket I bought for Php250. Not bad.

After getting the meal , we went down into the Activity Center just below the ground floor and we sitted at the middle of the whole people. It was almost lunch time and we were already hungry from our 45-minute travel from Camiling to Tarlac City excluding the waiting time in the terminal. Wooh!

Thanks to my long time friend since elementary; Joyce, for being with us even just during the back and forth travel time.

Veon drank his juice and while eating his meal, he vomited! I was like… MOM IN A FLASH! I was just disappointed that of all the people there, even just the crews who are just standing beside us, did not dared to help. And what they did was offer me to buy the Mini Manager’s uniform for 400 pesos. I don’t know what to feel. Just really disappointed of their attitude.

But I’m proud that I’ve handled that “unexpected event” all by myself and still let my child experience the best of the event could offer.

Aside from that dance performance of the Jollitown characters composed of Jollibee, Popo, Yum, Twirlie and Hetty, there were also performances from Jollibee Kiddie Club members like singing and dancing. Followed by raffle draws with limited edition Jollibee novelty item as prizes.

All I did was just eating… and watching… like in cinema, haha! Yes. That is it. But Veon enjoyed the music while dancing…


and seeing Jollibee…

and friends.

Twirlie and Yum



And would not forgot his ferocious act on getting the balloons!



After the event, we went to the Food Court to enjoy the other meal and the rest of the day. It was a good feeling that even though I don’t like the event, Veon was happy and that already…made me happy too. I still love Jollibee but not what “happened” on that day.

A picture with Jollibee again for remembrance.


The convention was like a culminating event for the 6-day Jolibee Mini Manager’s Camp. Unfortunately, the camp was just for 4-7 years old (my son was 1 year old) and exclusive for Jolly Kiddie Club. Join Jollibee Mini Manager’s Camp 2017, click here.


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