Is your baby ready for solid food?

As parents, we are always proud to share our baby’s firsts. When my son was 5 months and 3 weeks (1 week to go for 6 months), we decided to start feeding him rice cereal as a beginner and that is his first time to eat solid food.

These are the materials I bought to prepare him for this milestone.

(Left to right)


  • Precious moments 2 handle non-spill cup (P130.00)

    This is a weaning cup that he can use to learn how to hold his bottle and at the same time, for cup introduction. The nice feature of this product is that the liquid will not come out unless thebaby will suck which best describe its “non spill ” feature. Because your baby still have his sucking reflex at this age, the bottle allows the baby to drink the liquid by sucking. So its a good bottle to wean your baby from baby bottle to cup.


  • Baby Kitty & Baby Daniel Feeding Bowl with Spoon (P99.75) 

    Since I love hello kitty, I choose this one as baby boy (Baby Daniel) version of hello kitty. The bowl comes with lid cover and a spoon. So he can use it for future purposes like food container.


  • Disney Heat Sensitive Sensitive (P99.75)

    This is the advisable spoon for solid food beginners. This spoon signifies if the food is too hot that you can’t serve it to your baby causing burn. Worth it for the price of 2!

When the food is hot, BLUE turns PINK; GREENS turns YELLOW

I bought all of these at Baby Company, SM City Baguio.

I advise you avail their MOM CARD for it gives you exclusive offers, discounts and earn points. Just talk to one of their sales lady to assist you and as far as I remember, it’s only for P150.00. Not bad especially when you register your baby and win Star Baby that has lots of prizes. Check out their website.

Another items we availed are these

COMBI 3 in 1 High Chair – can be Low bed/chair, rocking chair and high chair! We bought this for just P1500.00 because it’s 2nd hand at MomSavers143 in facebook

We also bought this Bumbo(P950.00) for his potty training and sitting assistance.

Some parents decided to feed their babies for as early as 4 months which is not the standard time but this depends on the following criterias:

  1. controls his neck
  2. sit up with support
  3. has doubled his birth weight
  4. shows when he is full (turns his head or refuses to open his mouth)
  5. shows interest in food when you eat
  6. mimics you when you eat, such as opening his mouth when you open yours to take bite
  7. indicates his wants by reaching or leaning toward something
  8. seems hungry for more food

YOUR BABY’S FIRST YEAR, WEEK BY WEEK, 2nd EDITION By Glade B. Curtis, MD,MPH and Judith Schuler, MS

This is the book that I’m using as a reference. It’s an all in one must-knows of mothers especially for first timers like me (although I have my formal education as a nurse, it is good to invest on books and other references). Thanks to my supportive friend and college clinical groupmate who bought me this book for just 180.00 in Book sale, SM City Baguio; TRIXIA LUNA. :-*

GERBER RICE CEREAL, Single Grain (Supported sitter)

Going back to the checklist, my baby got the 7 signs so we started feeding him with the measurement of half tbsp rice cereal and 2 ml of his milk. What’s written in the instruction is 1 tbsp rice cereal to 4-5 ml of baby’s milk but we served just a half because we assumed he can’t finished the whole thing. The good thing about Gerber is that they have guides on what time you will introduced the food like the icon you can see on the upper right of product, the yellow one… it says Supported Sitter. When your baby can do that, you can start giving this food. Thanks to his Lola Mamay for providing his cereal ^_^

Lastly, after introducing the food to our Baby Veon, the #8 criteria is not manifested. In this case, we only feed him once a day and as we see the progress, we can wean him to make it twice to thrice a day.


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