How to take a Perfect (Birthday) Selfie

Who’s getting old? Not me! I mean yes, me! I just turned 24 last August and I feel like the “need” to take a selfie? Hehe Everyone wants to look pretty on their birthdays especially if you’re already a mother and people judge you as you age. Well, ladies all across the world, let’s take a perfect selfie. And here are 5 must-haves to have that!

  1. CAMERA. Use the back camera of your smartphone because it will give the real details. Front camera mostly give blur and fake features of your face so let’s go natural. Unless, it’s a selfie camera with enhanced function.
  2. NATURAL LIGHT. Not flourescent, not flashlight but nature’s sunlight~ the perfect light…always. Go outside or in your window to get that illumination to strike in your face.
  3. MONOTONOUS BACKGROUND. Why? Because it will give all the spotlight to your face…and brighten ups too! Also, make sure there are no photobombers either people or thing like your rug or empty can. You know what I mean.
  4. PERFECT ANGLE. Find your “beauty side”. It could be the left side of your face or the whole, it doesn’t matter  as long as you feel gorgeous on that particular pose, then work it!
  5. RIGHT APP. When I say perfect, you must have all the tools. So installing an app would give you that “pak ganern” selfie and I really like this FotoRus which is an all-in-one photo editor.I super love it because I don’t need to install separate apps just for editing my photos in different aspects! I can do every single thing that I want from filters to stickers. But ladies, DO NOT OVERDO!

Just go to your Playstore and look for this icon:

And you’ll see this in its home page:


My favorites are the ones in the box. Collage, Sticker, Beauty and Paintlab. And I am sure, you’ll love them too!

Here’s how it works.


I use this all the time. I don’t need aa adobe photoshop expert’s skills. Just few clicks and tada! You can use filters in each photos and it got tons of pre-made templates for your mode.


Either a photo 

or a video,

this is so pretty awesome. You don’t even need a snapchat for this.



This is basically every girls are looking for. It does a lot of touch ups and an instant make up for those who doesn’t know how to apply, forgot to, or has a crappy light (but still needs to look gorgeous).

It can also enhances your make up especially your skin.


This is one of its new features and it is amazeballs! Haha you got a painter at the tip of your hands. It’s magic.

Following all the 5 must-haves, here’s my instafamous perfect selfie! I just used the sticker to put drama and a filter from IG. Be real and natural, that is the essence of selfie!


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Have fun!


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