Optimism: Starting All Over Again


If you’re a blogger, what would you feel if your site just disappeared like a popped bubble?Or just plainly all your efforts and sleepless nights of hardwork writing is gone? Stubbed to pain! And that’s what happened to my blog that is why I have to start all over again.

It’s a failure and I blame myself for it. I was enjoying the so-called “procastination” due to Christmas, New Year and Family Vacation. I really hate circumstances when my sweats are just wasted because I always give my best but looking back on those life events, I regretted…just a little.

Family Comes First

This became my optimistic qoute when my site was deleted. I failed to check my bills to keep my site running because I was too happy to seize the moments with my family but I told myself to learn from this mistake.

Every Little Thing Happens For A Great Reason

Yes, I firmly believe. Maybe, because I have to organize my site more and refresh my fully-booked mind. No matter how bad or good the situation is, every little thing of that happens for really good reason. It is only you who could figure that out.

Look Back From Where You Started

It is easy to just give up and left things to where it crashed, but I thought of that moment why I started blogging. I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge about motherhood and the things that makes me happy. The joy of sharing is such a fulfillment that I guess every blogger has and whoever,  with a kind heart.

Always Know Your Whys And It Will Make You Think Twice

If you are on the rocky side of the road, always find a positive reason why are you there. Don’t stop from your downfalls instead get up and know your reasons to keep you motivated. Your whys will keep on track.

Here are some tips to put your happy hormones on its peak when you feel like it is the end of the world, the universe rather. (#MissUniverse) Hehe

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